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‘Ride me all day’ bus pisses everyone off on a rainy Cardiff Monday morning

I was cycling down Cowbridge Road this morning, feeling very pleased with myself for not puking in the dentist’s chair, when I got stuck behind this bus:


It said lots of things to me. It said that, in 2015, an advertising agency and ‘family-run’ company still found it acceptable to run this ad. It said that a bus journey needs to be sexualised in order to sell itself. It said that prostitution is something to be trivialised and joked about.

What it didn’t say is: “this company is for people like you”.

It was aggressive, offensive and impolite. After I tweeted about it at 9.30, we had literally hundreds of responses. Not from ‘bleeding heart, whiney liberals’, but from people who didn’t want this kind of advertising shoved in their face first thing in the morning.


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