Here’s 5 tips for new business Startups who are thinking about starting a new business?

New business startup tip 1. When thinking about naming your startup business, think about whether the name describes what the business does and will work well in Search Engines.

New business startup tip 2. Once you have decided on a name for your business check it is not already taken or something very similar already taken on Compabies House. You can use the Company Web Check tool on the Companies House website to do this.

New business startup tip 3. Once you have checked that the name you want is Free on Companies House Google search it and look to see if there are any websites and Social Media accounts that are using the name that you would like.

New business startup tip 4. If the name you want is Free, register a website domain name / address, register a Company if you want or need to go limited, set up Twitter & Facebook Pages etc.  If your name is already taken in many places change it our think about how you can adapt it, or add something to it, to enhance the name and make it different enough from the existing names that you discovered.

New business startup tip 5. Once you have decided on your new business name and registered all the accounts and secured all of the things you need, when starting up in business, you should think about what your business stands for and is all about and then build a brand and image that supports your goals, aspirations and beliefs etc.

Business Services

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