Complete Recruit is a Financial Services Broker and Adviser Recruitment and Mentoring Program that 2exp offer to Brokers & Advisers looking to join the First Complete Broker Network Under the Complete Recruit umbrella, we can provide broker and adviser recruitment as well as other training and mentoring services to those interested in developing a career or business within the Financial Services Sector… 

For more please see our Complete Recruit page or the 2Exp website.

The Financial Advisers and Brokers that we recruit can provide lots of Financial Products and services including Mortgages and Business Protection Products and services including Relevant Life Plans:

A relevant life plan is the most tax efficient way Employers can buy life cover for themselves and their employees. 

Once this product has been explained correctly, according to recent stats from L&G, 73% of business owners were receptive to learning more about the product and how it can work for their business.           

The savings can be very large for Business Owners & Company Directors…



For more about relevant life plans and other financial solutions that we currently offer via The Business Protection Company please follow the link.

If you want training and mentoring from a specialist with over 30 years of experience in this sector, please feel free to contact us

What area do we cover?  

We concentrate a lot on Wales and the South West of England due to our location but can work with brokers and advisers UK wide.




You can also find out more about what we do by visiting either The Business Protection Company or the 2exp websites, as well as find some offers for Introbiz members by visiting the Introbizbox website.