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Create and Get Started Blogging Online: Part 3 – Choosing the Right Domain

by Rizvan Ullah, 23 secs ago  .  Save

Thanks again for joining us while we explore the complete step-by-step process in starting a blog that converts, and builds momentum quickly. So far, we’ve cov.. Read More →

How To Keep Your Business Running When You’re On Vacation

by John Chow, 12 hours ago  .  Save

In this video I show you to keep your blog and YouTube channel constantly updated even when you’re on vacation and don’t have access to the Internet. Because t.. Read More →

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The two “Harvard problems”

by Seth Godin, 2 hours ago  .  Save

In many fields, there’s a big name. The exclusive slot. The top ranking or badge. This is being a top 10 podcast, or on a certain bestseller list or working at.. Read More →

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Weekend Favs August 11

by John Jantsch, 23 hours ago  .  Save

Weekend Favs August 11 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or gr.. Read More →

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Bots and automation don’t automagically create a great customer experience

by Scott Brinker, 19 hours ago  .  Save

The alliterated alternate title for this post could be: Tickets, Tools, and Taylor Swift — One Father’s Afternoon in Automated Customer Experience Purgatory. S.. Read More →

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Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Special Tops the Sponsored Video Chart

by Carla Marshall, 21 hours ago  .  Save

Shane Dawson’s spotlight on cosmetics guru Jeffree Star not only set YouTube buzzing, it created millions of sponsored video views for a last minute brand part.. Read More →

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Thunderstorms predicted by Met Office today as yellow warning issued for most of Wales

29 mins ago  .  Save

A YELLOW weather warning has been issued by the Met Office with thunderstorms predicted for much of Wales. Read More →

Brand new coffee festival brings taste of success to city

5 hours ago  .  Save

COFFEE lovers were treated to a special festival based around their favourite beverage. Read More →

VIDEO: Comic and gaming convention brings superheroes and villains to city

14 hours ago  .  Save

PEOPLE of all ages braved the rain to attend the first day of a comic and computer game event. Read More →

Mum sets up ‘Lonely Parents Club’ to fight isolation and loneliness

17 hours ago  .  Save

AFTER battling with depression and feelings of isolation, a mother of three from Abergavenny decided to take things into her own hands and set up a group where.. Read More →

From the Archive: A look at some historic places of worship

17 hours ago  .  Save

THESE photographs taken from the South Wales Argus archive show places of worship in Gwent. Some are in ruins while others are still going strong but all are l.. Read More →

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Picking Sides on the Future of Your Business

by Anthony Iannarino, 11 hours ago  .  Save

The more businesses move to transactional models with no human interaction, the more human interaction is going to be a competitive advantage. When caring is a.. Read More →

Leaving Room for Your Client to Discover Something About Themselves

by Anthony Iannarino, 22 hours ago  .  Save

The very idea of discovery has changed over the last decade. As discovery was trained and taught in the past, the outcome was to uncover the client’s pain or d.. Read More →

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Pitch to Win 6 Step Formula: “Content”

by Justin Cohen, 23 hours ago  .  Save

Justin Cohen’s New Book: Final Step #6 “Content” We’ve arrived at the final step of this series on how to pitch to win, where Jason Cohen and John Golden break.. Read More →

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3rd party SDR – Does that make me me look bad?

by /u/billy_vegas_haha, 8 hours ago  .  Save

I’m a SDR for a 3rd party sales and marketing firm. It’s very entry level, but quick paced and difficult as I can work in pretty much any industry and vertical.. Read More →

Thinking of leaving Funeral sales to radio sales

by /u/eddygoombah, 8 hours ago  .  Save

I currently work at an area funeral home selling prearranged funeral plans and cemetery property. After 20 years in the restaurant industry, this was the first.. Read More →

How to answer “what gets you up in the morning”?

by /u/SharpeThunderCock, 8 hours ago  .  Save

Just in case I am asked that on my interview I am thinking something along the lines of My goals, or knowing I am on the right track to being successful etc Ho.. Read More →

What are some no bull shit sales jobs that a rookie can get into with no degree?

by /u/Pjl123abc, 10 hours ago  .  Save

submitted by /u/Pjl123abc [visit reddit] [comments] .. Read More →

Thoughts on directly reaching out to Recruiting Manager directly in addition to submitting online application? ( Internship Position )

by /u/Amilargeyet, 10 hours ago  .  Save

I’m applying for an internship and I’ve heard before it’s rude to follow up on a job application without an interview but given that it’s sales I thought it mi.. Read More →

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Free family fun at Barry Island Weekenders this summer

by Cardiff Mummy Says, 14 hours ago  .  Save

Paid collaboration with Visit the Vale Last weekend we were running around Barry Island in the blazing sun taking part in the 10K and family 2K races for Ty Ha.. Read More →

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The Swansea City Academy deserves immense credit, Leroy Fer had us all fooled and the transfer decision that went their way

2 hours ago  .  Save

Graham Potter’s side saw off Preston with both style and guile .. Read More →

Road closed and person taken to hospital after crash on A484 near Carmarthen

2 hours ago  .  Save

Dyfed-Powys Police say the road will remain closed until at least early afternoon .. Read More →

The verdict on Cardiff Blues’ first step in the John Mulvihill era as a dominant scrum bodes well

2 hours ago  .  Save

Blues and Leicester fielded experimental starting line-ups and it was nip and tuck until the English club stole it at the death .. Read More →

Exam results days are nearly here – here’s what parents can do to make it easier

2 hours ago  .  Save

Don’t say “it was easier in my day” .. Read More →

This is what all of Wales’ councils are doing about Brexit

3 hours ago  .  Save

Only a handful of councils in Wales have prepared impact reports ahead of leaving the European Union .. Read More →