Last week I attended the Intelligent Millionaires Network In Cardiff, run by John Stokoe.

This was a well attended and professional business networking event in Cardiff that had a lot to offer.

In addition to the standard freestyle networking that many business networking events offer, the Intelligent Millionaires Network also offers added value to its members by providing a number of speakers to learn from at their events.

First we learnt about Time Management and completing task and goals:

Roger Burrows spoke about Focus, Prioritisation and time management.

Then we learnt about thinking big, trading internationally and taking advantage of opportunities!

  • Andrew Hubert Von Staufer spoke about selling Christmas to Japan and repurposing old Xmas imagery.

We then learnt about work life balance, the unlimited powers of self belief and mindfulness from Headline Speaker, John Christian from who was exceptional.

  • John Christian spoke about a life full of fulfilment and abundance as he is a specialist in Developing Intuitive Intelligence – Life Skills – Coach – Personal Trainer – Therapist. He also demonstrated the human capability by getting a group of four people to lift host, John, after digging deep within themselves, after previously failing to lift him when not so focussed and prepared.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Networking Event and the continuation of the networking in the bar after the event officially closed. So much so that I met with John the following day and joined. I joined not just for the monthly Cardiff event but to also go networking in London at their London Event from January. There are also 24 other similar events around the world if I fancy any of them.

If anyone wants to join me at the next event in Cardiff on January 8th 2019 or an event in London in January, please let me know?