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Marketing Services Wales

Would you like help with Marketing Services Wales for your business, products or services in 2016?

If so we can help!

Welshbiz is part of UK Marketing Company MA Consultancy, which offers various Marketing services Wales to Welsh & UK Businesses.

These marketing services can be B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing services and take the form of traditional marketing services or new modern day web marketing services.

Traditional Marketing Services Wales:

We provide or work with partners who can provide the following traditional marketing services Wales:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Business Advertising
  • Magazine & Newspaper Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Video Production
  • Business Networking
  • Business Exhibitions
  • Business Sponsorship etc.

Web Marketing Services Wales: 

We also provide or work with partners who can provide the following modern web marketing services Wales:

  • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation
  • SMM / Social Media Marketing
  • Adwords, PPC Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Web Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Banner Advertising
  • Blog Advertising / Advertorials
  • Business Apps
  • Infographics etc.

Web Advertising

Our Web Advertising consist of advertising via our Regional Business News Blogs which are then promoted via the integrated Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts. We have blogs and accounts for Wales, the South West of England, London & the South East, The Midlands, The North of England & the UK as a whole.

These regional marketing brands & related social media accounts reach approx. 10,000 visitors a month via the blogs & websites and have over 300,000 UK Business owners following via Social Media, of which over 100,000 Business owner followers are in Wales.

Looking to get going with any of our Marketing Services Wales?

If you have a business, B2B product or service or B2C product or service in Wales or the rest of the U.K. that you would like to be marketed please get in touch for a free consultation to discuss what type of marketing service or mix of marketing services might be best for your goals.

We can provide you with Traditional Marketing Services for:

  • Professional Business Networking Membership in South Wales for £699
  • Business Exhibition Stands at Wales’ Biggest Business Exhibition for £699
  • Advertising & Design from £100
  • Websites from £333 (& £33 per month)
  • Business Printing  (Business Cards) from £59
  • Video Production from £200

We can also provide you with Modern Web Marketing Services for:

  • Advertise to 100,000+ Welsh Businesses or 300,000+ UK Businesses, via advertorials and/or banner ads on our blogs or posts & tweets via our social media accounts, for prices from £100 per month.
  • SEO Services from £200 per month
  • Social Media Marketing Services from £100 per month
  • Content Marketing or Blogging from £200 per month
  • Banner Advertising from £250 per year or blog advertising from £100 per month
  • Business Apps from just £299 (& 30 per month).
  • Infographics from £100

Please get in touch on: 07517 024979 or Email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com .

*We can tailor a traditional marketing campaign or modern web marketing campaign to suit any business, product or services at a budget that fits any business of any size, starting at prices from just £100 per month!

Social Media Marketing & Management Services

In addition to the web marketing of your business via our Regional Marketing brands, we can also provide social media marketing services, social media management services, social media follower build up and content marketing services on your own business blogs and social media accounts if required.

Again we can tailor these services to all Businesses & Budgets.

Please get in touch on the same contact details above, should you like to discuss anything further.

Wishing you a great 2016

WelshBiz Team

The Marketing Services Wales page was written “By Mike Armstrong” from UK Web Marketing Agency MA Consultancy
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