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‘This feels very modern’: How Meghan Markle could nudge the House of Windsor into the future

Actress’s background, interests could serve her well after marriage to Prince Harry next spring

Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle were all smiles as they met photographers in the grounds of Kensington Palace in London on Monday. (Matt Dunham/Associated Press)

Watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet the media for the first time after their engagement was announced, there was a sense the California-born actress was as ready as she could be for the full glare that will come with marrying into the Royal Family.

Markle, the 36-year-old former Toronto resident who will marry the fifth in line to the throne next spring, walked confidently arm and arm with her prince into the November chill Monday in the garden at Kensington Palace in London.

She waved, as royals so often do, and — briefly — showed off the lustrous three-diamond ring she received earlier this month.

Harry designed Markle’s diamond ring, which features a main stone sourced from Botswana and two smaller diamonds from the collection of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. (Eddie Mulholland/Reuters)

“Meghan, as you saw, … at that all-important photo call is clearly very confident in front of the cameras,” Katie Nicholl, royal correspondent for the Mail on Sunday and Vanity Fair, told CBC News.

“She seems to be taking all of this in her stride.”

Beyond the cameras that will follow Markle everywhere she and Harry go, however, there is a sense that her background — which in many ways is considered unconventional for a royal — will stand her in good stead in a House of Windsor looking to the future.

“This feels very modern. It feels very new,” said Nicholl.

“It certainly is going to be, I suspect, the relationship that really nudges the Royal Family into the 21st century.”

‘Passion for humanitarian work’

In some ways, it will be an easy fit for Markle, who had been based in Toronto for her role in the USA Network legal drama Suits.

“One thing that Harry and Meghan have in common is their passion for humanitarian work,” said Carolyn Harris, a Toronto-based royal author and historian.

Harry, 33, is involved in causes ranging from support for mental health to his Invictus Games for wounded, injured and sick soldiers and veterans. Markle has worked with World Vision and the United Nations. She has travelled to Rwanda and advocated for issues ranging from clean water to rights for women and girls.


Cardiff City is most stressed in Britain, new report says…

Cardiff has been named the most stressed City in Britain, According to a new report.

It says pressure at work, financial worries and concerns about health are leaving Britain in the grip of a stress “epidemic”.

A survey of 4,000 adults by insurance giant Axa found that four out of five felt stressed during a typical week, while almost one in 10 were stressed all the time.

Workplace stress was linked to the “always on” culture, with most people taking calls or checking emails in the evenings and at weekends.

More than two out of three were worried about their salary prospects, while almost as many were concerned about paying household bills.

Men were more likely to be stressed about work, the study revealed.

Many of those questioned said they watch TV, listen to music, read a book, exercise or drink alcohol to help combat stress.

These findings illustrate the worrying scale of the UK’s stress epidemic, occurring both in the workplace and at home, impacting people up and down the country. As well as work and finances, health seems to be a concern for a large number of Brits.

People are not only worried about their own well-being but also the general health of their loved ones. It is encouraging to see a third of people exercising as a way to combat their stress, which is obviously a much healthier way of unwinding than smoking or drinking.

Physical activity is proven to have a positive impact on mental health, even if it is just a walk around the block instead of a trip to the gym.


Cardiff was said to be the most stressed city, followed by Belfast, Sheffield, London and Leeds, while people were least stressed in Brighton, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge, Birmingham and Leicester, the report added.

#Introbiz Christmas Party Networking Event at the Stunning Chapel 1877 Bar & Restaurant in Cardiff…

SAVE THE DATE! #Introbiz Christmas Party Networking Event at the Stunning Chapel 1877 Bar & Restaurant in Cardiff. Enjoy a Delicious Food Buffet & Cocktails on Thursday 14th December from 4-7pm… Tickets are £20.00 pp see further details below all visitors are most welcome to join us please click here

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5 Reasons to Visit the Senedd in Cardiff Bay This Weekend…

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not head to Cardiff Bay to visit the Senedd? It’s the last weekend to experience Poppies: Weeping Window, which will leave Cardiff on the 24th September. Get out and about this weekend and take a look at our five reasons to explore the Senedd this weekend. 1. Poppies: […]

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The female farmers of Wales making their mark in a male-dominated world…

Long days and hard work, sometimes for what feels like little reward via Wales

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How To Be Your Own Boss {2 min read}

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WPL 2017/18 PREVIEW: Barry Town United

HAVING ENJOYED A FAIRYTALE RESURGENCE, CAN BARRY CAUSE A SHOCK THIS SEASON? Finally back where they belong, the 7-time winners of the Welsh Premier League will be hoping to continue a fairytale rise, following years of bad luck. Many football fans will know of the FC Porto team that, managed by Jose Mourinho, managed to defy […]

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30 Free Things in Cardiff and the Bay-

People say there’s no such thing as a free gift; well they are wrong ! Here’s my present to you …….or should I say here’s Cardiffs’ Gifts  xxxxxx   1 The Cardiff Story Museum 2.National Museum of Wales 3.Bute Park 4.Cardiff Barrage 5. Senedd ( Wales’ National Assembly) 6 .Victorian Arcades 7.Graffiti 8 St Fagans […] 

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