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Welsh Networking Events

Introbiz Business Expo - Pre Show Networking Breakfast

For Welsh Networking Events please consider the weekly professional networking events hosted by WelshBiz

Welshbiz run and market for a number of Welsh Business Networking Event in South Wales, including being an ambassador for the largest independent professional business network in Wales.

The largest independent business network in South Wales, host weekly Welsh business networking events in Cardiff & the Vale, as well as other networking events around the UK, and internationally from time to time and in addition to those events WelshBiz also provides access to a number of Free, Pay as you go and annual subscription for members only, business networking events throughout South Wales.

At these Welsh business networking events, businesses are brought together, often in over 50 fantastic 4 and 5 star venues throughout South Wales including many in the Welsh Capital City of Cardiff and neighbouring City Newport as well as around the Vale of Glamorgan, Caerphilly and the Blaenau Gwent region.

From networking breakfast events, to champagne and canapé social events in the afternoon and business sporting club day time and evening events, we can provide access to fantastic opportunities for business leaders and professionals to connect with other business leaders and professionals throughout South Wales.

At one of these Welsh business networking events you will need to take lots of business cards with you because each of the Welsh networking events attracts between 40-100 different businesses every week/month.

These business networking events attract many new visitors each month, so there is always someone different to meet at a new Welsh business networking event as well as to work on and build long lasting relationships with the regular members and attendees of these events.  All you need to remember to do, after one of these Welsh business networking events is to follow up, with all of your new found connections!


Have a look at the WelshBiz B2B Events page to see what Welsh Networking Events or South Wales Business Events there are coming up and if you would like to come along as a visitor or guest, or if you want to join the leading independent professional Welsh Business Network as a member please call: 07517 024979 or email: welshbiz@yahoo.com (quoting WelshBiz).

Welsh Business Expo’s.

In addition to these Welsh business networking events,WelshBiz and our partners host a number of Welsh Business Exhibitions including the annual Wales’ Biggest Business Exhibition.  Please take a look at highlights from previous years Welsh Business Exhibitions with the Business Expo Video and Business Expo Magazine.

2017 is going to be a spectacular one day welsh business exhibition event, so make sure you keep up with the latest news!

If you would like Exhibit at or Sponsor Wales Biggest Business Exhibition in Nov 2017 or a more Boutique Newport Business Expo in April 2017, please call: 07517 024979 or email: welshbiz@yahoo.com (quoting WelshBiz15).

If you would like to attend Wales Biggest Business Exhibition for Free in November as a delegate or the Newport Business Exhibition for Free in April as a delegate, please follow the relevant link.

We look forward to meeting you at one of these Welsh business events soon!

The Welsh Networking Event page was posted “By Mike Armstrong” from Welsh Marketing Company MA Consultancy and Welsh Biz Marketing Brand with blog and linked Social Media Accounts.




Register at a WelshBiz Business Event in South Wales via our Eventbrite page.

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